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Integrity New Homes is a group of passionate builders who aim to strive for excellence in every aspect of building your new home. Below is a selection of testimonial videos from some of our franchisee owners.

Dean & Felicity Carter

INH Limestone Coast.



Ray and Matt Heald

INH Launceston



Ali Warraich

INH Croydon



Abhi Nagal

INH Geelong



Don Sutherland

INH Central Coast




INH Newcastle



Ralph Westley

INH Armidale



Ash Dell

INH Byron Bay.



Shane Hearps

INH Coffs Coast.

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Peter and Denise Horwood

INH New England.

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Terry Greedy

INH Griffith.

Watch the rest of the interview with Terry Here


Michael Fisher

INH Kingaroy.

Watch the rest of the interview with Michael Here


Darren Jones

INH Brisbane.

Watch the rest of the interview with Darren Here


Mark Redding

INH South Coast.



Written Reviews from ProductReview

Integrity New Homes is a group of passionate builders who aim to strive for excellence in every aspect of building your new home. Below is a selection of testimonial videos from some of our franchisee owners.

Integrity franchising is like nothing else. Becoming a franchise is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Along with the class leading software and business coaching the whole team is so great and helpful to work with, the amount of wisdom and knowledge Glenn has towards the building industry is incredible.

I’ve worked for many builders in my time of being a carpenter and most of them always said don’t become a builder, it’s too stressful and you’ll never sleep again.

I’m glad I didn’t take their advice… the systems Glenn and his team have in place make being a builder very enjoyable if you’re passionate about it, and the things that I used to get overwhelmed and stressed over prior to becoming a franchise, Glenn had the most simple solutions to these.

I cannot recommend Glenn and his team enough. I guarantee anything you come across that you think is impossible to get through, Glenn has the answer.

Morgan B.

The best decision I have made for my business the software package is user-friendly easy to use support is always a phone call away the fortnightly coaching keeps me focused on tasks at hand and it's great knowing they have a real interest in seeing you succeed.

The national buying power is great. I believe my business is 3 to 5 years ahead of where it would have been if not joining INH.


I have been part of Integrity New Homes Cairns. Support and response provided by Glenn Leet is incredible

Integrity New Homes has a great network to share the information with each other really helpful for business growth. They have nationally agreements with suppliers you will get the best price Australia wide. Great software for quotations.

I will definitely recommend Integrity New Homes Franchise if you want to grow organically

Rajesh Goel

It's my best decision to join Integrity New Homes Franchisee. The company gives great support from every aspect of building business. The group helps us with licensing, estimating, negotiating with suppliers, providing training on sales and marketing strategies. It gives us a jump start on our building business. We use modern management systems, marketing tools to ensure we deliver the best service to our clients. The director Glenn provides one-on-one training regularly, and I can access the knowledge library to improve my leadership skills. I would highly recommend Integrity Franchising.

Integrity New Homes Melbourne East


Charlie C.

Glenn has assisted in transforming our trades business into a modern Day building company. The support we receive as a franchise is great. Any difficulties that arise Glenn and his team are there to help with advice or information they're all to willing to support. Highly recommend


Becoming a part Integrity New Homes Franchisee turned out to be one of the wisest business decision. The group provides all the support to endeavour in our business starting from Business Coaching to Builders Software, Website building to Sales and Marketing, Pre-Contract Estimating to Heading Over the Home. The knowledge and resources that are available with franchisees are priceless – cloud-based software gives the 24x7 access for estimation, bills of quantity and project management.

We can’t thank enough to Glenn Leet for all the support and guidance to find the path against all the odds. If you are thinking to buy a building franchise, we would highly recommend Integrity Franchising.

- Integrity New Homes Geelong

Darshan A.

I joined Integrity Franchising as a franchisee on the Sunshine Coast in 2015. I had previously worked with Integrity New Homes as a building supervisor and could see the value of the business system from the ‘inside’ so when an opportunity came up to take the franchise I grabbed it. I started slowly but always participate actively in training events and conferences and focus on learning and applying the business system to suit the needs of my own business and the needs of the marketplace in my area.

Integrity have always supported me with training and resources and have not placed massive financial or compliance constraints on me like you hear about in other franchise businesses. The training is meaningful and relevant and I get the sense they are genuinely interested in the success of my business.

The staff I have dealings with are longstanding in their roles and skilled in their areas of expertise. Naturally nothing is ever perfect, but when hiccups arise they seem eager to resolve them and find a resolution or solution to problems.

My business goal for the current financial year is to build ten new homes and the software, training, purchasing agreements and marketing resources are all supporting that goal which I’m on track to achieve. I find the other builders in the group supportive and the whole vibe is very open and collaborative.

If you’re looking for a low cost, highly supportive way to fast-track your building business systems I suggest checking them out.

Brendan T.

I am a Franchise Builder for Integrity New Homes in the Griffith area. I have been with them since 2014. The IGYRO Estimating software provided to me is worth every dollar I paid for it. I can cost a house accurately now that I have used it to its full extent. A Director from the company makes himself available to me one on one to teach me on several occasions via video link if I encounter training that I need to use the software. I am extremely happy with this system and the support I get from their staff.

Terry G.

We became Integrity New Homes franchisee's 2 years ago, and it has proved to be a very good business decision. The Franchise comes with great software systems they are regularly moving forward and being improved. The knowledge and resources that are available to franchisees is very large, and there is plenty of training opportunities to further our building business. From marketing to handing over a new home, every part of the building process is covered with INH, and that being said there is total freedom to use the available resources or not to. We feel that in being with INH we are part of a bigger team and if you are thinking of a building franchise, I would highly recommend them.


I become a franchisee back in August 2010 and over that time I have seen a lot of changes and improvements in the software system, some of it coming after suggestions from myself, along with other builders.

While all the pricing and scheduling tools and bits and pieces have always been user-friendly, they have gotten even better recently. Another big thing that really sticks out in mind is the amount of support you are given. Help is always there and people are easy to get a hold of and it is very hands on and quick. The franchise people actually do stuff for you that saves you time and have good knowledge based on years of experience which they pass on. There is also heaps of ongoing training around all sorts things such as OHS, sales and contracts.

As a builder who started out doing a lot of renos who has now moved more into new homes also, I like the flexibility of the system. Even though it isn’t renos orientated, the ongoing support and involvement of the franchising team has always been great on renos anyway. They have had a very good consistency of staff over time which says a fair bit about the way they run the business and treat their staff and that same care and respect is evident in how they help and support us franchisees. I would recommend an Integrity franchise. It really fast tracks your business and there is a ton of paperwork and resources and systems to help you along the way.

Darren Jones, Integrity New Homes Brisbane.

Darren J.

I am part of Integrity Franchising for more than two years. Help I got in setting up of business was exceptional. Integrity New Home head office is always there when I need them. Their project management and estimation software are very helpful. Support staff are always available and gives the best technical and legal advice when needed. I will recommend new builders to use Integrity Franchising platform to expand their business and be part of the brand for future growth in business.


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