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Discover the Integrity New Homes Building Franchise

Welcome to Integrity New Homes! Every year, builders nationwide inquire about joining our building franchise. Here we aim to answer some frequently asked questions: What is a franchise all about? Is it suitable for you? Should you consider it? Before diving in, let’s clarify what a building franchise is not.

What a Franchise is Not
Many people assume a franchise restricts their freedom. Questions often arise about whether joining a franchise means jumping through hoops and losing control. We can assure you that a franchise with us does not constrain you in any way.

It doesn't limit:
• Where you build
• What you build
• Your pricing
• Where you source materials and trades

What a Franchise Is
At its core, a franchise with Integrity New Homes is an exchange of intellectual property.

This includes:
• Business systems
• Resources
• Marketing tools
• Industry-leading software
• Training

We provide everything you need to enhance your business, from plans and specifications to a network of national suppliers and comprehensive marketing systems. We guarantee at least 60 leads per year for builders using our marketing systems, with many achieving much more.

Why Join a Franchise?
The building industry is inherently risky, with frequent business failures.

Our franchise model helps you mitigate these risks.

To join, you must:
1. Trade under the Integrity New Homes brand.
2. Attend our annual conference.
3. Submit a simple online report monthly.

The Value of Our Network Joining our franchise means becoming part of a community. Our builders frequently network and share valuable information, providing support and fostering success. This network is invaluable and unique to our franchise model.

Who Can Join?
We welcome:
• Existing builders, including those from other franchises.
• Independent builders seeking better systems and training.
• Passionate individuals looking to enter the building industry.

For those not yet licensed, we offer support to help you obtain a builder's license through training and connections with licensed professionals. Our success rate in this area is 100%.

Our Commitment
Our support is ongoing, with daily assistance from our team leaders in design, estimating, IT, and marketing. We are proud of our 20+ five-star ratings from satisfied clients, reflecting the value we bring to builders.

Cost and Commitment
We offer a low-cost, sustainable franchise model:
• $20,000 initial fee
• $25,000 for marketing over the first two years
• Royalties between 1-2.5% per job, depending on your business size There are no restraints on trade, no exit fees, and no renewal complications. It's a perpetual agreement designed to support your success.

Next Steps
If you're interested, the next step is a video meeting with myself, Glenn. We'll discuss your circumstances and how we can help you succeed in the building industry.

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Let's discuss your goals, challenges, and how Integrity Franchising can help you thrive in this competitive industry. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your building business to new heights. Schedule your consultation today with just a click of a button!

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