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Home Builders FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions.

Integrity New Homes is committed to supporting and working with every Franchisee to achieve the highest level of success they can.

The cornerstone of Integrity’s success as a franchised building company is ensuring we work with the best and keenest builders who are comfortable being part of a franchise team.


No. It is very easy for any large franchise building company to tell you “no one buys better than us”. Talk is cheap, so at Integrity we allow you to compare your buying rates on key products used in any new home with our supplier pricing. The savings go beyond building materials and extend to phone service costs and insurance cover. This delivers bulk buying savings to you. You will be eligible to claim any rebates that apply for every home you build. Our aim is to develop a long-term relationship which is open, honest and mutually beneficial. We like to rely on substance rather than hot air.

Our extensive experience in franchising with some of Australia’s largest building companies hides that for every builder there is a different way to create a bill of quantity (BOQ). Integrity will give you, an uncosted copy of every BOQ we have created for one-off and custom homes where they are available. These BOQs are current as at the time of contract and are available upon request.

We also provide you with Integrity’s retail price list covering a range of locations where we build in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, for the Contemporary, Investor and Homestead ranges. Every franchisee sets their own pricing and has control of setting their margins.

Yes, Integrity has developed a reliable and proven quick estimating system called iProx™ which is constantly updated and customised for every Franchisee. This means Integrity Franchisees spend significantly less time on initial estimating - it will give you another advantage over your opposition.

Franchises do not have to be renewed and subject to mutually satisfactory performance can be on sold and essentially last the lifetime of the director/s.

Integrity has developed it’s own software package, called iGyro™ to manage every job from initial contact and deposit, right through to hand over and maintenance follow-up. It is a complete and comprehensive, easy-to-use construction management system, developed by a building company... not a team of computer boffins. It works really well and we are constantly making updates and improvements. We have also included workplace health and safety systems along with site quality control systems.

iGyro™ is provided to all Integrity Franchisees as part of the initial franchise fee and made available to every member of the Franchise team. There are no ongoing software fees and we also host the database through the Fujitsu data centre in Melbourne which gives you the capacity, security and back-up systems of a massive corporation. Integrity requires access to the database to remotely source monthly reports and to update and maintain the system.

Integrity has a full-time programmer and assistant on staff who are responsible for maintenance, development, problem solving and creation of ongoing improvements and refinements.

Yes, one of the biggest challenges facing growing building companies is the ability to effectively manage multiple construction projects and prudently control the ensuing flow of cash into the business. Too many builders’ rely on their memory and scrawled notes on scraps of paper to manage this major aspect of their business.

Identifying this as a critical issue, Integrity developed iDule™, a computer driven project management system for supervisors to control every aspect of home construction including the ability to remotely order, call up and document the achievement of building milestones.

The office and external suppliers can access the supervisors’ system for constant updates on the status of every job. For example, as soon as the slab down stage is reached a computer generated message goes back to head office to generate the progress payment.

Integrity provides and maintains all the software within the franchise fee structure, all the franchisee has to do is provide a laptop. As with all Integrity software it is simple and easy to use and assistance is only a phone call away. It is also optional, so if you feel your business is not ready for iDule™, then you can continue to use your existing systems.

Visit our building franchise pricing page for current pricing.

All specific costs are provided on application and are disclosed on the signing of a confidentiality deed and an application form.

If you have the skills but not the licence we may be able to help with Integrity New Homes' iBuild Licence Scheme. Contact us to find out more.

Franchise Queries:

Visit our Opportunities page for available franchise territories.

It is possible to purchase a Franchise without a builder’s license. Please make a video call booking with us to discuss. Generally, we would advise to work towards getting your own builders license but have some options to retain a builder during that process.

To book your video call appointment, please click here.

Of course. You are not restricted to only one territory. We have a few builders that already hold multiple territories across state borders.

Please book a video call so we can discuss options.

To book your video call appointment, please click here.

Once we issue contracts we have a cooling off period. Please read the information thoroughly and seek advice if you need it.

System Queries:

Generally, we would advise to work towards getting your own builders license but have some options to retain a builder during that process.

Both of these are options. We would need to discuss over a video call the best way to support your business.

We generally advise to register a company. But we do have a few builders running as sole traders with their individual ABN. It will depend on your circumstances.

Investment Queries:

Please visit our pricing page for details.

Many of our Franchisees operate their businesses successfully at home without an office or display home.

As with any business there are running expenses, including your own wage. Please book a video call so we can discuss your individual circumstances.

To book your video call appointment, please click here.

Exclusive Territory Queries:

As an Integrity New Homes franchisee, you have access to our intellectual property. You pay the lowest royalty fee in the market for each home you build (you only pay royalty fees if you build a home).

Exclusive territories prevent us from re-selling your territory. You would build all homes in your territory and all leads for your area are sent directly to you. Franchisees can build in other territories by negotiation, but you will find 99% of the time each franchisee will just pass the lead over to the closest territory.

Residential, commercial and renovation will fall under your franchise agreement.

Franchisees can build in other territories by negotiation, but you will find 99% of the time each franchisee will just pass the lead over to the closest territory. All our Franchisees work closely together and form a tight family on which to draw support when needed.

INH businesses are salable. There are many ways to move forward if your workload is busy. Scale your business up, invite a partner, sell part or all of your business. We can generally help you re-sell your business based on individual circumstances. Re-selling would generally attract a new franchise fee for the incoming builder, but this can be built into the sale price.

GST lodgement & ITR queries:

We have a network of professionals that can help in most parts of your business. We can suggest some great bookkeepers that do work for many of our builders.

You can hire your own or we can provide suggested accountants to work with.

Sales & Marketing Queries:

Yes, Leads are sent to your business and you would work with the client.

You will receive prospects via our INH Websites, National Marketing and from our Franchise promotion to guarantee 60 qualified leads per annum. We have resources available for you to complement advertising with your own as well. E.g. via email campaigns to nurture your leads.

You would be responsible for closing your leads, but we do provide support every step of the way. We have some great sales related training material and are available to help you with regular meetings and phone calls.

Many of our franchisees hire Sales Reps on a commission basis (or retainer + commission). We can discuss options via a video call.

Every ad is different depending on the business. Most competitors advertise their lowest price with many hidden costs. At INH we encourage builders to advertise true costs for their homes.

Insurance and Loan Queries:

Construction businesses do require insurance.

We would need to speak with you about your individual circumstances.

We can provide assistance applying for insurances. This would vary from business to business. We can discuss more in person.

Support for Construction & Purchase building material Queries:

Each builder would generally need to source their own contractors due to being in different physical locations. we may be able to provide suggestions if your territory is in close proximity with others.

We recommend using our suppliers with negotiated/discounted national pricing to ensure quality and warranty periods. As an INH Franchisee you are free to use any suppliers you like but caution should be used on imported products without adequate warranties.

We have a database of costed national supplier pricing. For a small monthly fee (~$100/month) we will keep this database up to date for you. You would need to enter in your own contractor rates, but we can provide example prices so you can get a feel for what each trade is worth.

Council application support queries:

Yes, You can upskill yourself to provide this support, or we have our internal team called the “Service Hub” where you can outsource these types of requests. The Service Hub is a fee for service on an hourly rate. With the service hub you can expand your team without needing to put on more staff.

We specialise in residential but can certainly help with some commercial.

Royalty Queries:

Our royalty fees are lowest in the industry. We can discuss after our first video call, and you have signed a NDA.

Percentage of construction.

1 x Royalty fee + 1 x Cooperative fund fee. The cooperative fund is used to supply resources and marketing for all franchisees.

On the whole project. You would build the fees into your retail price to protect your margin. In some cases, the discounts you receive in national suppliers can wholly offset any royalties.

Co-operative Levy queries:

We have the lowest co-operative / marketing royalties in the industry. We can discuss after our first video call, and you have signed a NDA.

Margin and Profit queries:

Somewhere between 15% and 20%

Refer to this article for more details: The Right Builders Margin

An accountant would be best suited to work out your after tax profit. There may be many things to consider including deductions.

It is up to you how high you would like your margins.

Rebate queries:

Some national suppliers have rebates which are paid into the cooperative fund, which is in turn spent nationally on resources for all franchisees.

Next Steps queries:

The next step is to book a video call here.

We would discuss your options and you can complete an application form. If we are a good fit, we will draw up a contract which you can sign with a cooling off period.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Contract Manufacturing (CM) or Collaboration queries:

We generally partner with reputable brands that can service Australia wide that are also well known to clients. This helps to showcase INH as a quality new home builder and negotiate great prices with the supplier. You are free to use any suppliers/products you like in your own business, but recommend you stick with our suppliers so that you can get our support in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

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